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                Newfoundland and Labrador based artist Kayla George is a multidisciplinary artist who works closely with but is not limited to, traditional practices. From Carbonear, Newfoundland, she grew up not knowing a lot about her Indigenous heritage. Part of Kayla’s family comes from the Nunatukavut territory of Labrador and she is learning about her culture and traditions through art and research. In 2021, Kayla finished her Bachelor of Visual Fine Arts degree at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and is continuing to make art involving both her culture and the environment.

                An important part of Kayla’s work is exploring the impact of climate change and plastic pollution has on culture. Most recently her works involve themes of environmental pollution, loss of nature, and its impact on her blended Newfoundland and Nunatukavut cultures. She believes that these elements work well together with the use of traditional and non-traditional mediums as she brings forth old traditions to present times.

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